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Something Silly

Today I asked my hubby to text my son to find out how he was feeling. My hubby in turn said that he already texted him. Then I said did he look tired?

lol My husband said. "Oh yeah he really looked tired. He texted back to me saying.....I'mmmmmm feeeeelinnnng sooooo tireddddd.."


We both had a good laugh.
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Re: Something Silly


Keshi Heads
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Re: Something Silly

Wasn't sure about the work set-up yesterday - didn't know if Samuel had to come or not. Samuel was also supposed to play touch football so I told him, "I will text you if you are supposed to be at work with me and if you are come straight here when your football game finished." So he gave me his phone number and off I went.
Turns out he was supposed to be at work with me so I sent him a text telling him to get there asap. Next minute phone rings and this Indian voice says, "You sent me text. I not understand." I just go," Shut up Samuel you little tosser and hurry up and get here."
Little Indian voice then goes, "Who this? Me not understand."
I say, in my very best Indian impersonation, "Oh you not understand hey? Get your ass over here asap or I will kick it black and understand now?" And I hang up.
Half hour goes by....still no Samuel. So I send another text, "Where the hell are you?"
Answer comes back, "Me not understand. What your name? Who is this?"
I answer back, "You little bastard get your ass over here now!"
Another half hour goes by....still no Samuel.
To say I was pissed off by then is an understatement so I sent a very nicely worded text....I will leave to your imagination.
Answer comes, "Please I no understand. Why you keep texting me?"
When I finished worked I stormed into that house and nearly ripped the modem out of the wall and let loose with some lovely words and said he had better !@#$ explain why he didnt show up.
Samuel says, "You said you would text if I was meant to be there."
Me, "What the fudge do you think I been texting you about all bloody night, you *&^(^."
Samuel, "You never sent me a text."
Me, "Don't gove me that crap. I sent you heaps. I even spoke to you in that stupid Indian voice of yours you tosser."
Samuel, "You never texted me and I never spoke to you. I would have come straight there if you had said I needed to work."
And he shows me his texts, no calls.
He had written his phone number down wrong and I had actually been texting some poor REAL Indian guy. ha ha I can only imagine what that poor guy was thinking.
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